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Every woman is a mystery. The magical story of Vetka product adds mystery and originality to the owner. Be special!

A work of art

Each print is based on myths, legends and tales and is hand-drawn. It takes at least two weeks to create one design.

Limited edition

Vetka products are issued in small editions of a few dozen and sold all over the world - it is almost impossible to meet a copy.

Reasonable shopping

Vetka does not chase trends, but creates unique, modern and long-lasting items that grant years of magic to their owners.


Most of materials for Vetka products are natural and certified.


All items presented on the site, with the exception of sold-out items, are in stock. Shipping is worldwide, the exact cost and time depend on the destination. You can find out the time and cost of delivery for you by clicking here and at checkout.

The story behind each item

The themes of the prints are not just chosen, but have deep meaning. Based on legends and fairy tales, the message and meaning of each product is chosen. You can read more in the appropriate section for each product.

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